How To Lift a Lawn Mower

How To Lift a Lawn Mower? An Easy Guide 2022

When it comes to changing or reinstalling or sharpening the blades, losing or tightening the nut on the edges, most people do this by removing the deck or moving the mower onto some blocks to raise the mower, or they move towards the experts.

Here this guide will tell you how to lift a lawn mower for changing, sharpening, and reinstalling the blades.

Also, maintenance is an essential thing for lawn mowers. Maintaining the blades as well as mowers makes the lawn mowing more healthy and effective. For this, you have to lift your mowers, and you can easily maintain your mowers without going to the local shops.

Here a question arises, how to lift a lawn mower?

Give care and time to your lawn mower for better cutting and work. Without spending dollars, you can quickly get to know how to lift a lawn mower and the mowers’ maintenance by reading this guide.

You need a better technique for doing this. And using a lawn mower lift is the best technique to do these things.
To lift a lawn mower is a risky thing if you try it without proper guidance. A mower expert can do it quickly.

So, I Am Here To Guide You on How to Lift a Lawn Mower.

The process for lifting each type of mowers, such as Reel Lawn Mower, Rotary Lawn Mower, Electric Lawn Mower, and Riding Lawn Mower, is different. Also, check whether you want to lift to change the blades or just sharpen the blades.

There are so many ways for lifting a lawn mower.

  • A drill-turned way (in this mechanism you can lift the mower by using a power drill)
  • A scissor-action method (you can pump the lever with your hand)
  • A hydraulic method (in this technique you can use a foot pedal)

In this article, I am going to tell you about the hydraulic method.

Method to lift a lawn mower:

Firstly, gather all the necessary tools like your lawn mower, and a suitable lawn mower lift. This technique will consume less time.

After this, place your lawn mower on a flat and an open area to avoid dropping.

Place your lawn mower lift in the selected area and move the mower toward the lift.

After adjusting the mower on the lift carefully, insert the safety bar to hold the mower high for security.

How To Lift a Lawn Mower

Now raise the mower with the help of a foot pedal. Press on the foot pedal gradually and adjust the height of lifting you need.

After How To Lift a push Mower

After this, lock the stands and make sure that they are secure and centered.

 How To Lift a lawn Mower

After lifting the mower, do your work whether you want to change the blades or sharpen them.

Method to change a lawn mower blade OR way to sharpen the blades:

Place the riding lawn mower or push mower in a safe and flat place and make sure that the mower’s plug is off.

Lift the lawn mower as I guide you above and adjust the height according to your need.

Wear gloves for protection. After lifting the mower, remove the locks of the blades. Blades will move.

Now remove the nuts with the help of a wrench. Your manual will tell you which size of wrench you can use. Turn the wrench in clockwise.

After removing nuts, you can now easily remove the blades and replace the new blades. If you want to sharpen the blades just then, remove the sharp blades and fix them.

Check which part of the blade is toward the ground and adjust it.

After this, fix the blade with the help of the nuts. Tighten the nuts and bolts after replacing or sharpening.
In the end, put your mower down carefully for further work.

Things to consider:


Which type of lift do you need for your mower?

If you have lighter mowers and want a cheap and simple lift, then the scissor-action lift is right, powered by a control. But this type of lift requires more effort from your side.

Another type of mower lift similar to the scissor-action lift is a drill-turned lift. The turned mechanism gives you the opportunity of using a power drill to lift the mower. If you don’t have a power drill, it also has levers by which you can quickly raise a mower.

One more type of lift is the hydraulic lift which is controlled by the foot lever. Hydraulic is the best type of lift with smooth operation and enhances control.

The pneumatic lift has an air-powered system that connects to an air compressor. The great advantage of this lift is that it minimizes your effort, but this type of lawn mower lift is costly.

Lift capacity:

Check whether the weight of the mower matches the capacity of the lift or not?

Different lawn mowers, such as riding mowers, walk-behind mowers, zero-turn mowers, etc., have different weights. Some mowers are heavy, and some of these are lightweight. You have to choose the exact lift for your mower.

A lift can control the mower, which is double in weight. For example, if your lift is 400lbs, then it can handle the lawn mower, which has up to 800 lbs. capacity.

Ensure that this should not exceed it; otherwise, an overload can break the lift, which would be dangerous for you if you are under the mower.

Wheel distance:

An important thing to consider is the distance between the wheels. Because if you fail to get this feature, then the mower can slide off when lifting.

Choose the lawn mower lift, which has a wheel span between 17 and 64 inches. This wheel span will be helpful for you to find the best one.

Lifting height:

How high do you want to lift your mower?

Lawn mower lifts raise the mower to a height between 22 inches and 28 inches. If you want to change the oil then you must go high as required. the height between the front and back deck should be 1/8 inches or 1/2 inches. It will give you a fine result.

It’s another essential feature that helps you understand your mower height which helps you to change your blades and clean the deck easily.

[su_box title=”Conclusion” box_color=”#1cae77″]To change the blades, sharpen the blades, and reinstall the blades, you need to know how to lift a lawn mower. I have mentioned all the steps by which you can easily raise the lawn mower and change the blades without removing the deck. You can also easily find which lawn mower lift fits your load.

By following these steps, you can easily do your job of maintenance. Any queries related to the mower’s lifting, you are welcome to ask me. This guide will be helpful for you. If you have any experience or ideas related to this topic, then please share them with me. Thank you![/su_box]

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