How To Drain Oil From Riding Lawn Mowers

How To Drain Oil From Riding Lawn Mowers? Easy guide 2022!

In this article, you will learn about how to drain oil from riding lawn mowers. Why is changing oil suitable for your riding mower? This article covers all the aspects of maintenance of riding mowers.

Lawn mower maintenance is an essential part that helps to extend the mower’s life. The use of oil makes your mower efficient and protective. Oil makes your mower’s parts free from dust and dirt and fastens your engine. But if the oil is old and you are not changing it within the required time, it will be problematic for you.

Mostly the riding mower demand change of oil after every 50 hours or annually. If you take hard work from the riding mower, then you must change the oil after every season of mowing.

Change oil from riding lawn mower is very easy if you have a good guide. You can do it at home easily. Most mowers’ owners give the manual in which they guide you about the right amount of oil. By this, you can quickly put oil in the engine.

I am coming with the proper guidance on how to drain oil from riding lawn mowers. Follow these steps to change the old oil from the mower and add fresh oil.

How To Drain Oil From Riding Lawn Mowers?

First, gather all the necessary tools such as:

Oil, adjustable wrenches, oil drain pan, a filter, a newspaper, gloves, and a towel or piece of cloth.

Now place the riding lawn mower on a flat surface. Start the mower’s engine for a minute and then turn off the engine and remove the spark plug wire for prevention.

Clean the drain plug areas with a towel or piece of cloth to remove dust and dirt.
After setting the mower, locate the oil drain plug to the mower’s bottom and place a container to collect all the drained oil from the mower.

By using a wrench, loosen the cap of the oil drain plug and remove it. It will help you drain oil from the mower engine into the container and place it on the ground. Some mowers have a valve. Turn the valve by hand and drain the oil.

Give sufficient time to drain oil. It will take time and drain oil as much as you can. After draining, if you want to change the oil, then put new oil into the engine according to the manual, which tells you about the type and amount of oil and places the cap back and tight it with the wrench

Bottom Line

Check and replace oil from riding lawn mower is very important to keep your mower healthy. Mostly SAE 30 motor oil used by the riding mowers for the warmest climate, and SAE 5W-30 motor oil for the coolest environment. Please don’t do it yourself without any proper guidance. Follow the steps of how to drain oil from riding lawn mowers. If you have any experience related to draining oil, then share your experience with us. If this article is helpful for then, share it with your friends. Thank you!

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