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Best Lawn Mower Under $300 – Read This!

If you want a budget-friendly lawn mower that fulfills your desire of maintaining your lawn with quality, we came up and found some of the best lawn mower under $300. Get reliable mowers under $300 and get the quality with the amazing features and specifications.

If you are looking for a powerful gas engine and environment-friendly mowers, you can start by reviewing the list of the top 10 best lawn mower under 300 in the market.

Here, check the list of the top 10 best lawn mower under $300 reviews and buying guide

1. Greenworks 25022- Best Lawn mower under $300 for Small Yard

Best lawn Mower under 300


Brand: Greenworks

Power Source: Corded Electric

Item dimension: 26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches

weight: 56 pounds

operation mode: manual

A very convenient and affordable lawn mower comes with the 3-in-1 feature of mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging. This will help you to do mulching as well as collect all the clipping in the discharge. As this mower is electric corded that means it has a motor that is 12 Amp and is powerful enough for cutting through the toughest places easily and mulching.

Greenworks 20-inch electric corded lawn mower is not only budget-friendly as it is under $300 but also a perfect fit for your small lawn.

20 inches wide deck which is made of rugged tempered steel for strength and durability. This wide deck along with 7-inches front wheels and 10 inches rear wheels provides a larger area for maneuverability and cutting capacity for small and mid-sized yards.

Sometimes you find it difficult in starting a lawn mower because of the complex mechanism. But this mower is very handy in this regard as it just starts with a push button and is ready to go.

It provides a wide range of many different types and heights of grasses. The 7-position height adjustment offers a cutting height range from 1-1/2 to 3-3/4 inches for all types of grass.

You don’t have to worry about the storage space as this mower has foldable handles for compact storage. The integrated cord lock system helps in preventing accidents during mowing.


  •  It provides smooth operation
  •  This mower produces less noise
  •  It is ideal for small lawns
  • inexpensive
  • It comes with a 4-year tool warranty


  •  You have to buy the extension cord separately
  • It slows over tall and thick areas.

2. PowerSmart DB2322S – Best Gas Lawn Mower under 300 For Uneven Ground

Best lawn mower for uneven ground


Brand: PowerSmart

Power Source: Gas Powered

Item dimension: 37 x 25 x 18 inches

weight: 93 pounds

If you are one of those who prefer gas lawn mowers under 300 then what else would be best than the Powersmart DB2322S self-propelled gas mower.

The powerful 196cc engine of this mower provides the right amount of power in this compact and lightweight package and reaches tight places easily.

The best feature that is offered by this mower is that it has a 5-position height adjustment which allows you to change the cutting height to easily cut the long grass, weeds, and outgrowth. Along with that, the 11.5-inch rare wheel drive mode system allows you to move and maneuver on rough and uneven ground. This feature makes the PowerSmart lawn mower stand out from others.

The deck of the mower is made of steel to make it durable and it cuts 22 inches swath with an adjustable cutting height from 1.2 to 3.5 inches to meet your different demands.

Three cutting systems include mulching capability, a side discharge option, and a collection rare bag. The side discharge and mulching capabilities allow you to spread the grass clipping to the side and enhance the natural fertility of the soil and make the grass grow thick and healthy by returning key nutrients to the soil.

The deep dome deck design along with the sharp and compact blades are specially designed to make the mulching process easier and more efficient.

It is very comfortable to operate because of its very easy pull starting and this lightweight and compact gas mower is also considered ideal for smaller yards.


  •  It is very easy to assemble
  • It works equally well on rough and smooth terrain
  •  It is more lightweight than a gas mower
  • This particular design saves your effort


  •  It may have carbon emissions
  • It can be noisy.

3. POWER WORKS- Brushless HP Mower

Brushless HP Mower


Brand: PowerWorks

Power Source: Battery Powered

Item dimension: 59 x 22.05 x 39.37 inches

weight: 32.66 kilograms

Powerworks brushless HP mower is another one under the list of the best lawn mower under $300. This mower is lower in cost but provides high-quality functions.

This 60-V mower is the most revolutionary battery-operated system that delivers powerful performance and durability. The 60 Volts give the power we require, and the 5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery provides a run-time of 70 minutes in total easily powering through the yard work. The batteries charge very fast. The average charging time for this Lithium-ion battery is 2.5 hours.

The high efficiency 60-V brushless motor provides more torque, high performance, and a longer life without hassle.

This mower is designed for yards up to ½ acres. If you want to know more about 1/3 to 1-acre lot then check Best lawn Mower For 1-Acre Plot

It starts with just a push button; eliminates the pull cord and you are ready to do the work.

When we buy a lawnmower there is another worry that we face is that we have to create a storage space for it in the garage. This is not a problem in the case of the Powerworks HP mower because its vertical storage saves almost 70% of the space in the garage.

Deck width counts a lot as it measures the time in which mowing can be done. With more cutting width, less time is consumed. This mower comes with 21 inches durable steel deck which means it has 21 inches cutting width with an adjustable height setting. There is a single lever that adjusts up to 7 different cutting heights options from which you can choose according to the height of the grass on your lawn.

The 3 in 1 design allows you to mulch, side discharge, and bag grass clippings. the mower mulch like a champ. This mower comes with a 4-year warranty which is the highest on this list. This Warranty allows you to put an investment without the fear that it would get wasted.


  •  Less wear and tear
  •  Extended lifetime
  • no oil needed


  •  You cannot charge the battery when it is installed on the mower

You can also check Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard for variety but the price range may not be under your desired criteria.

Best Lawn Mower under $300 Buyer’s guide 2022

Before buying a lawn mower for your yard you need to consider many things. Following are some factors that you need to consider before buying the best lawn mower under $300. If you have the following things in your mower then go for it.

Things to consider:


There are many types of lawns like hilly, flat, and rocky. So, if you have a smooth and flat lawn then you can choose a battery-powered lawn mower. But if you have a rocky or sloppy yard then you have to choose a mower that offers more torque.

Yard size

If you have a small or medium yard then you can buy a budget-friendly lawn mower. But if your lawn size is big then a small lawn mower will not work properly and you will find difficulty in doing your job. That’s why if your lawn is small then go for these products otherwise don’t compromise with the quality of lawn as well as a mower.


Before buying a budgeted mower you must consider the power supply of the mower whether it is a gas mower or battery-powered lawn mower. Because gas mower is powerful and requires more maintenance. So, you have to maintain it properly and spend money. Apart from this, there are battery-powered mowers that need less maintenance and will be suitable within your range.

Bottom Line
Buying a lawnmower is not regular shopping for accessories or tools. You have to put serious thought and money into it. So, if you want the best lawn mowers under 300 with quality then here you can find the best one. Because of the heavy machinery, lawn mowers are often higher in price but again there is always some kind of ease anywhere.

In this case, we have made a list of some of the best lawn mower under $300.  Our best pick out of all is PowerSmart DB2322S Lawn Mower due to its outnumbered features and qualities. If you have any queries related to this topic then please ask us.

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