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Best Commercial Mower For Hills 2022-Mowers For Steep Slopes

Mowing on the messy and sloppy surface is tricky. For this, you need to take a dig on the best lawn mower for steep hills. If you have a sloppy area, then you can find your best commercial mower for hills in this article.

Make your hilly area beautiful and good-looking with the best mowers for steep slopes available in the market. Get the opportunity of the top picks of the best commercial mower for hills and makes the environment clean and healthy. That’s why I am here to guide you about the best steep hill mowers in this article.

 Check the list of the top 5 best Commercial Mower For Hills.

1. WG743 40V PowerShare 4.0Ah (Best Commercial Mower For Steep Slopes)

WG743 40V PowerShare 4.0Ah (Best For Steep Slopes)


  • Brand: WORX
  • Cutting width: 17 inches
  • Power source: Battery powered
  • Item weight: 34.6” 

Desire a gas-like mower for the steep hillside but want to avoid a gas mower? No wonder the WORX mower with the mulching and an intellicut technology gives you relaxation and work as a gas mower. No need for any gasoline or any cord to pull. Also, it comes with a 2-in-1 mulcher and bag to make your yard healthy. WG743 is one of the best commercial mower for hills with so many pros. Have a look at the fantastic features of the WG743.

With the essential need and cut, whether tall or short, get your cutting height without difficulty. With the help of a single hand, you can adjust the 6-positions from 1.5 inches to 4.0 inches and get the height according to the lawn preference.

Worx has the feature of battery compatibility. You don’t have to buy new batteries. Use the same battery with the 20V and 40V products of the Worx and expand the power. On the other hand, the battery has charge indicators, which tell you how much charging is remaining and when you have to stop mowing and charge the batteries.

It also has a grass collection bag that collects all the clippings and makes your environment and lawn clean. The bag indicator tells about the clippings’ level in the bag, whether it is full or not, and tells when you need to empty the plastic-topped collection bag.

A remarkable cut-to-edge design cut the grass nearer to the fences and landmarks. And, it works more excellently than the other mowers.

An impressive feature that makes it different from the other lawn mowers is the Torque on-demand which means, when you are going to mow the thicker grass, then dial up the power with the help of intellicut technology, and when you see the task becomes more manageable, then dial it back down and save the battery.

Its design makes it easy to store in the garage when there is no use for the mower, like in the off-seasons.

Best of all, you can charge both batteries simultaneously, and it takes 2 hours to charge. Dual batteries enhance the power and the performance of the mower. Also, you can charge only one battery.


  • No use of gas
  • Also, easy to store in the garage
  • The battery has intense power and lasts long
  • A light-weight and easy to carry
  • Value for money
  • Mow up to 1/8 acre on a single charge


  • It doesn’t fold down as other mowers do (but not considered a problem)
  • Not easily repaired by the user because of design

2. Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower

Best Walk-behind Mower For Hills

Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower


  • Power source: Cordless
  • Cutting height: 1-3/4 to 3-3/8 inches
  • Rear-wheel: 10 inch
  • Front-wheel: 7 inch
  • Height control: 5 positions
  • Tool Warranty: 3 years
  • Battery warranty: 3 years

Greenworks is an innovative brand for gardeners. The battery-powered mowers of Greenworks make the yards cleaner, greener and healthier. Greenworks has superb products, and this cordless mower is one of the best commercial mower for hills because it is easy to push on the hill up and down. Twin Force lawn mower comes with a 5Ah battery as well as a charger.

A fully charged 5Ah battery runs on regular grass for approximately 60 minutes. If the condition of the grass is bad, then it takes more time. The innovative smart cut technology adjusts the runtime of the battery according to the state of the grass. Also, the dual battery port automatically switches to the backup battery and makes the job easier. Best of all, use one battery of 40v for other products having 40V.

Usually, it collects all the grass clippings. Also, it has an indicator on the top of the rear bag that tells about the bag’s level, and whether it needs to be empty or not.

A 20-inch cutting deck gives the maneuver and balancing yard—the best mower for hills. Make the lawn healthy and beautiful in a few passes.

With the help of a single lever, adjust the 5-positions and get cuts according to your lawn preference. Dual blades enhance the cutting quality. Also, it offers greater mulching and bagging capabilities.


  • No wonder about the maintenance, cords, or gas
  • The cut quality is excellent
  • A quieter mower than the others
  • The mulching grass is better than the gas mower
  • An effortless and instant start


  • Grass collection bag is not enough good to get all the thicker clippings

3. MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower

                                                    Best electric mower for steep hills

best commercial self propelled lawn mower


  • Brand: Sun Joe
  • Cutting width: 14 inch
  • Power source: Corded Electric
  • Item weight: 30 pounds
  • Height control: 3 positions
  • Bag capacity: 10.6 gal

Looking for a mower for tight places and for the sloppy area, this electric mower is the best commercial mower for steep hills—an easy-to-use machine that takes care of steep hills. Best choice for your sloppy area because it is easy to push with one hand up a 50-degree slope.

A durable steel blade with a 14-inch cutting depth cuts the grass with great precision and makes the lawn cleaner and beautiful. A 13 Amp motor makes this electric lawn mower more powerful.

It also has the feature of height adjustment. Make your mower cut the steep slopes with the three positions of height control. Manage the height according to the lawn preference.

The mower includes the 10.6-gallon bag with the discharge chute. The bag helps gather all the grass clippings and trimmings without the mower deck’s blockage and makes the environment dust-free.


  • No need for gas, oil, or costly tune-ups
  • The mower comes with a two years warranty
  • Great for the price
  • A quieter mower


  • The bag catcher is minor.

4. MJ-HVR12E 10-Amp  (Best Mower For Steep Slopes)

MJ-HVR12E 10-Amp  (Best For Steep Hills)


  • Brand: Sun Joe
  • Cutting width: 11 inches
  • Power source: Corded Electric
  • Item weight: 12.92 pounds

For sloppy lawns, this sun Joe’s grass-grooming tool is the best choice. The rotating mower is versatile and ideal for the hills as well as for the small yards. An innovative tool makes your lawn and home green and beautiful. Look at the compact design of the mower. A lightweight mower makes your cutting easy and easy to store.

The 10-Amp motor of MJ-HVR12E makes it powerful with the blade hub spinning at up to 7000 RPM and giving precise cutting without any obstacle. There is no need for gas, fuel, or fumes.

It consists of 3 rotating blades with a11-inch width. On the other hand, it has a quick replacement of blades, which includes 30 replacements.

It has a hover cutter, which becomes stress-free to move or slide the mower across the lawn in any direction: a beneficial —feature for trimming the grass wheel-free. A very lightweight mower helps to move and store easily. Also, enhance the maneuverability.


  • A light-weight design gives maximum maneuverability
  • Suitable for the money
  • Suitable for the small and steep hills
  • Easy and comfortable to maneuver and handle


  • Not suitable for the medium yards
  • It hovers but is not high enough
  • Not cut the thick stuff

Note: In so many reviews, you will see that the people mention the blades broke. But this is not a problem for the company. Install blades properly then you can see the difference.

5. ION16LM-CT 40V 4.0Amp 16-inches – Best Commercial Walk-behind mower for hills

 ION16LM-CT 40V 4.0Amp 16-inches -  Best Cordless mower for hill


  • Brand: Sun Joe
  • Cutting Height: 1.18 – 3.15 inches
  • Power source: Battery powered
  • Height control: 6

A brushless cordless mower is ideal for small-sized yards as well as mid-sized lawns having slopes. One of the best commercial mower for hills. Easily handleable in tight places. A helpful mower for environment-friendly tasks. The fantastic features of this cordless mower are here:

A powerful 600 W motor is an essential thing to consider for mowers. So, this cordless mower has a powerful engine that increases battery efficiency and enhances the motor’s performance. Its excellent motor decreases the noise and vibrations, and the motor lasts long.

No need to worry about the cords, gas, oil, carbon emissions, and tune-ups because it is free of all of the mentioned things.

With the 6-position height adjustment, it becomes more valuable and demanding in the market. Provide the range from 1.18 inches to 3.15 inches of cutting height according to the user’s preference.

The most advanced lithium-ion technology used by the iON16ML delivers the battery runtime up to 40 minutes without any noise and no carbon emission that saves our environment.

A folding handle comforts the user and makes it easy to use for them. Also, start with a simple push button. The bag helps to collect all the grass clippings and make the lawn healthy. The grass bag indicator helps to indicate the level of the bag. The wheels make the mower easier to trim the grass in close-fitting places.

The steel blade cut the 15 inches with precision and accuracy. It gives an excellent cut in one pass. Also, you can replace the blades without problems.


  • The entire two-year warranty of the mower
  • The mower creates less noise
  • It cuts like a champion on the tall grass
  • The blade replacement cost is affordable
  • Best of all uses the same battery as Snow Joe products
  • For your children, it provides a safety key


  • For a more extensive lawn, it requires two batteries
  • This mower doesn’t mulch
  • The grass bag is small if you have a medium-sized yard

Best Commercial Mower For Hills: Buying Guide 2022

When you are going to buy the best commercial mower for hills you need to consider a few things. You need to consider these factors in your mower for hills. Some important factors are:


The engine is an important factor for mowers whether it is electric, gas-powered, or riding mowers. For slopes, a powerful motor is needed. Must go for those mowers which have 199cc + engine. A powerful engine makes your mower mow faster and nicer.


If you prefer lightweight mowers for yourself and avoid heavy mowers then it will be problematic for you when you have a hillside. A lightweight mower will bend when it passes from the twigs. To avoid this I will recommend you to choose a heavyweight mower for hills which is useful for up and down.

Height Adjustment

As you know, sloppy area grass has uneven heights, for this, you need to consider height adjustment for better results. Go for that mower that has an automatic height adjustment system. This will make your work easier.


This is the factor that is not neglectable when you are going to buy a mower. A budget-friendly mower is good if it has a powerful motor with multiple pros but maybe the quality will be compromised. For a quality mower, go for the best mower and don’t care for the price.


Most mowers come with a warranty, some have a minimum warranty of 1-year others have a maximum warranty such as 3 years or 5 years. Choose a mower for slopes that gives maximum warranty time. This will enhance your mower quality.

Final Verdict

There are so many commercial mowers for slopes and flat surfaces. Finding the best commercial mower for hills is challenging. As mentioned earlier, the mowers for steep hills review and buying guide will guide you in the right way. You will never be disappointed with these lawn mowers for steep slopes.

Best of all, the WORX has incredible tools with the latest technologies. I also love the WORX products because of their fantastic features. WG743 40V PowerShare 4.0Ah 17-inch lawn mower with mulching & intellicut technology is the top-rated mower for slopes that gives you the best mulching and cutting. Try this perfect tool on your own. Also, please share your ideas and experiences with us. Other mowers are also the best mower for steep hills. Choose the best commercial mower for hills on your own. Thank you!

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